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New Year New You Lose Weight Now

2020 is finally gone and it is time to get rid of that 2020 “20” and lose weight. In 2020, the ball dropped in March. It was crazy. There we were, cocooned in oversized sweats. Searching for a new pet. Hunting for elusive toilet paper. Couldn’t spend time with loved ones. Egg and Cheese McMuffins with crispy hash browns and a side of Griddles became the Breakfast of Champions. Our minds wandered aimlessly, and had to ask for directions home. But it is 2021 and time to move on, make new year’s resolutions. But this year counts more than ever. We need to start fresh, lose weight, learn new things, look and feel younger, take better care of our health. And, Thrive Health Solutions is here to help your 2021 thrive.


Let’s take a look at what could make keeping our resolutions as seemingly difficult as Congress arriving at a Stimulus Package.

When it comes to losing weight:

  • Grubhub and DoorDash have become family
  • I ran past the Covid “15” months ago, and that was my only cardio

When it comes to learning new things:

  • Every day is cloudy with a good chance of constant brain fog
  • I wish I could social distance from depression

When it comes to looking and feeling younger:

  • Mirror, mirror on the…nope, not looking in any mirror soon
  • My “not tonight, hon” has turned to don’t bother asking

And finally, when it comes to taking better care of your health:

  • My sleep is so insufficient I’m not just counting sheep, I’m naming them
  • I could be woke if I wasn’t so exhausted


Forget resolutions. For every negative thought and behavior, make a new, positive… let’s call it “goal”.  Think, “I hope I will, I have the will, I know I will.” And keep the message on repeat.

When it comes to losing weight

  • Never step on the scale blindfold again
  • Fill your plate with motivation. Have seconds. Even thirds

When it comes to learning new things:

  • Drop guilt at the airport with a one-way ticket
  • Aim for a glass that’s more than half full (and not with tequila or gin)

When it comes to looking and feeling younger:

  • Set up your cells for success
  • Tell wear-and-tear where to go

And when it comes to taking better care of your health:

  • Put the brakes on stress
  • Make your immune system soar
  • Turn your inner athlete into a beast

And let the caring, understanding medical experts at Thrive Health Solutions help you turn things around.


But the experts at Thrive Health Solution can. Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers swimming with determination throughout your bloodstream, telling your cells and organs what to do. When they are out of balance, the messages they send are chaotic and can cause health issues from hair loss to bone loss, depression to diabetes, erectile dysfunction to heart disease. But with BHRT pellets and other therapies, we’ve got you covered.


That’s our number one goal at Thrive. And we’ve got a number of ways to help you get there beyond just hormone balancing. Our medical weight loss options, immune health, and anti-aging treatments are all cutting-edge. Well-researched. Innovative. Safe. Effective. Affordable. You get results. You get confidence. You get a New You.


Literally, our online store makes it easy for you to take home a healthy taste of some of the ways Thrive can help you move forward, get fit, and feel like you’re ready to take on anything this strange new world can toss at you. We’ll help you thrive in 2021. And 2. And 3. Well, you get it…A good example? Instead of masking up when you go to the kitchen, our proprietary ThriveSlim™ and ThriveTrim™ capsules can help you resist the dreaded Covid-carbs, forgo the binge snacking while Netflix binging, and lose the weight you want without feeling deprived.

So if you want to lose weight, feel younger or whatever your health needs, Thrive is all about helping you be the best you can be. Call or text Thrive Health Solutions at (303) 790-8446 for an appointment now. Happy New Year. And Happy New You.

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