The Add-On That Optimizes Testosterone Therapy

TRT or testosterone replacement therapy is a proven solution to Low T and the side effects it can cause. TRT benefits ED and low libido, but it can also increase energy levels, increase muscle mass, improve concentration, and even result in weight loss. Which makes it an appealing choice for many men. But because with TRT you increase testosterone by means of replacing it with testosterone hormones not produced in the testes, it comes with some side effects that can include reduced fertility.

We have the answer to all that; Gonadorelin Peptide Therapy.

Gonadorelin fits in the picture.

When men are on treatment for low testosterone, this process of producing testosterone naturally, is suppressed. Meaning the brain never detects a “low” level of testosterone, thereby not increasing the production of GnRH. If a man is taking any extra testosterone, it can basically shut off his body’s ability to make its own testosterone—and the body’s ability to make its own sperm.

With Gonadorelin as an added component to TRT, the issue is resolved.

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Gonadorelin FAQs

Does every man getting testosterone pellets or injections need Gonadorelin?

It depends on what their goals are. Men who are looking to have children are those who could most likely benefit from gonadorelin therapy in conjunction with TRT. Men bothered by what they consider significant testicle shrinkage (beyond the kind they get from cold temperatures) will also be good candidates for gonadorelin. But there are men who either have no side effects from TRT, or who aren’t bothered by them. Their main concern is the positive effect TRT has on ED and libido. (which again, is considerable)

How do you know what’s right for you?

Your medical partner at Thrive Health Solutions will help you weigh all the pros and cons. As a leader in patient-first treatment in everything we do at Thrive, it’s all about you. What are your concerns? What are your goals? We want your body to be your best, your life to be its fullest and your overall health to keep you going strong. Our individualized approach is always about giving you cutting edge options.

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