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Colorado's #1 Weight Loss Program


This is the one you’ve been waiting for; Colorado’s #1 weight loss program at Thrive Health Solutions. Trying to lose weight is often a numbers game:

  • 70 million people in the U.S. alone are considered overweight or obese
  • Americans spend $33 billion each year on weight loss products
  • An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year
  • 52% of people between 18-34 have tried a diet in the last year
  • 43% of women have dieted in the last year
  • 34% of all men have dieted in the last year
  • On TikTok last year total views of #CalorieCounting, #LowCalorie, and #CalorieDeficit were 10.3 billion
  • One in three dieters end up heavier than before they dieted
  • 80%  of adults say they “could be healthier”

Enough to make your head spin.


The search for effective and safe weight loss treatments seems never-ending. But it’s not always for a lack of trying. Your body doesn’t always want to shed weight, and it’s got all kinds of ways to hang on to it. Many things may affect your weight loss efforts because of the way they can affect your body including your metabolism,  chronic stress, lack of sleep, medications, depression, and hormonal factors–biological mechanisms that make it hard to lose weight, and even harder to keep it off. For example; your fat cells make a hormone called leptin. It tells your brain when you have enough fat stored up. As you lose weight, less fat means less leptin. That makes you hungry. Plus your body slows things down to save energy. So once you quit a diet, you have an oversized appetite but burn fewer calories.


Ready to jumpstart your fat-burning abilities? Lipotropic injections or lipo shots are just the shot you need at losing all the weight you want. The primary benefit of lipotropic injections is that they can help further aid weight loss when combined with healthy dieting and regular exercise. Lipo shots tell your body to burn fat for fuel rather than breaking down muscles, which preserves lean body mass. By reducing your existing fat stores, lipotropic injections prevent new calorie intake from being converted into fat. They also distribute cholesterol and fat from getting too saturated in any one body part. You’ll look much more trim when your body fat is evenly distributed. Lipo shots also boost your metabolism and increase your energy. The good stuff keeps going…they remove cellular debris and toxins and even improve liver and kidney function.  You can lose two to four pounds a week with lipo shots, but you can bump that up with help from Thrive Health Solutions’s other weight loss tools.


Initially a diabetes medication, semaglutide was approved by the FDA for general weight loss in 2021. You might know it as Ozempic or Wegovy which are just expensive brand names for the active ingredient semaglutide. Semaglutide works by mimicking a hormone called glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) that targets areas of the brain that regulate appetite and food intake. Semaglutide increases insulin secretion while slowing down how fast your stomach empties food, which makes you feel full longer. Clinical trials have shown that adults taking semaglutide lost an average of almost 15% of their initial body weight—about 12% more than those that didn’t take the medication.


You probably know it as Mounjaro, once again just an expensive brand name for the real thing; tirzepatide. Tirzepatide has a dual-action design, mimicking the action of not one, but two incretin hormones involved in blood sugar control: glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP). This unique dual action makes it the first-in-class medicine that acts on both of these receptors. Incretin hormones are released whenever food is consumed. Among other things, they help promote a feeling of fullness by delaying gastric emptying and activating the brain’s satiety centers, helping decrease food intake and increase energy.  It even causes individuals to eat less carbs and fatty foods. Bottom line? Adults taking tirzepatide had an average weight loss of more than 23% of their starting weight. That’s so remarkable we’re going to repeat that; adults taking tirzepatide had an average weight loss of more than 23% of starting weight.


If you feel like you’ve hit a wall in your weight loss journey, all roads lead to Thrive Health Solutions. Thrive understands that everyone is different. Some people want to lose weight to look better. Some want to lose weight for their overall health. Some have a lot to lose, others just want a thinner version of themselves. Everyone has different medical conditions and different lifestyles. That’s why Thrive has such a varied selection of weight loss treatments. Thrive’s experienced weight loss experts start everyone with a comprehensive health evaluation and in-depth medical examination. With this information in hand, along with discussions about your goals, Thrive’s medical professionals can ensure you are prescribed the proper weight loss plan. Some of the above medications might be used by themselves. Some might work in combination and in different doses. But they all work better as part of a program that includes behavior change, exercise, and healthy eating. In every case, at Thrive, what you’ll get will be perfectly tailored to your needs. For Colorado’s #1 weight loss program text Thrive Health Solutions at (303) 790-8446 for an appointment now.

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