Dr. Simeon’s Original Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Simeon’s Original Medical Weight Loss


Over the last few years there has been a tremendous interest in Dr. Simeons’ original medical injection protocol due to the work of an enterprising author who wrote a book about Dr. Simeons, bringing his program to the limelight of possible weight loss options. There is almost a frenzy about this “old” but suddenly “new” approach. Many doctors, clinics and even so called “homeopathic” protocols for using hormone therapies have appearing in recent years. The FDA warns about using any non-pharmaceutical “homeopathic” hormone program.

Through the expertise and ongoing work of Thrive’s doctors and staff, Thrive Health Solutions medical weight loss program integrates the basics of Dr. Simeons’ and Dr. Belluscio’s research (published 40 years ago), however has updated and incorporated current medical, technical, pharmaceutical and nutritional knowledge to create a system that is designed to rapidly burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass and promoting a healthy metabolism.

It is a highly successful weight loss regimen that must be directed by a physician as it involves a natural hormone which is injected in very tiny amounts. Combined with the proper dietary modifications, the effect can be sensational, our patients on average experience fat loss of 1/2 to 1 lb or more per day, while maintaining lean muscle mass and a boost to metabolism commonly seen.

We utilize a glycoprotein hormone produced in very large quantities in the placenta during pregnancy. It communicates with a part of the brain within the diencephalon called the hypothalamus which is considered the health maintenance organization of the body, regulating or influencing almost all of the health promoting systems in the body. Dr. Simeons’ originally discovered that the use of very small amounts of this hormone combined with a very specific diet led to fat loss without feeling hungry. So, is the use of this hormone safe in these small quantities? From every indication, it is not only safe but it actually may be helpful for things other than losing weight.

A review of various medical literature reveals that the medical use of this hormone may also cause a decrease in the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Current literature is also showing that the hormone directly affects Leptin, a hormone only recently discovered (in 1994) that is excreted by fat cells and travels to the hypothalamus to give the message “I’ve stored up enough fat, I don’t need to be hungry.” It seems this hormone helps unlock the pathway for Leptin in the hypothalamus. This natural occurring hormone is not Human Growth Hormone, nor is it an anabolic steroid. They are completely different molecules with different actions in the body.

The Thrive Health Solutions Medical Weight Loss Program may well be the safest and most effective present-day version of Dr. Simeons’ original work. In the program, the client is monitored carefully to determine that the weight loss is coming from fat, not lean muscle mass. We use specific additional components to help assure appropriate and rapid weight loss. Our team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists and staff are committed to the safest and best possible outcome for our patients, with many thousands successfully treated to date.

Each person is an individual and, of course, results may vary. Do we accept everyone into the program? No. The doctor determines eligibility on a one-on-one basis. Can we help most people? Yes. Will it be easy? It is easier than most people can imagine.

We encourage our patients to become familiar with our cutting-edge approach in the quest of losing weight safely and quickly. The hormone and lipotropics we utilize are the ingredients that works with your body. Under the correct circumstances, the ability to loss fat without feeling terribly hungry is the most common result we see. We don’t guarantee that you’ll lose all the weight, but we will provide you with an excellent opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a trimmer and leaner body with a good, healthy BMI.

Although we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Dr. Simeon’s original protocols, keep in mind that due to changes in medical research and today’s modern lifestyle, our modern day, cutting edge version of Dr. Simeons’ original program has shown to be far more advanced, effective and sustaining. Therefore, while this publication provides a good base understanding, it is essential for your best results that you only utilize the updated information provided in your Thrive Health Solutions Medical Weight Loss Program workbook.

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