Low T Therapy for Women

Low T Therapy for Women


Libido. Ladies, you know what we’re talking about. That juice that makes you want to make love. And make it again. When it’s not happening, it’s a good chance your testosterone is out of balance and you need Low T therapy for women. Testosterone is often called the “male hormone”, but it is a little-known fact that women’s ovaries also make this important hormone. A woman with Low T does not have enough to help produce new blood cells, maintain sex drive, or boost levels of other reproductive hormones. Great. But the medical experts at Thrive Health Solutions can help resolve these issues with Low T therapy for women. Testosterone therapy can be either pellet or injections and is a more constant, level and sustained way of delivering testosterone than pills, creams or patches. Find out more about testosterone therapy at Thrive Health Solutions today. Testosterone. It’s a get-well thing.

Women low in testosterone frequently experience:

  • mood disorders
  • cognitive decline
  • insomnia
  • breast and skeletal pain
  • fatigue
  • decreased energy
  • low sex drive
  • loss of sexual satisfaction
  • incontinence
  • muscle loss
  • diminished endurance
What are your options?

At Thrive Health Solutions, testosterone can be administered as injections and pellets. The method you use will depend on whichever option you decide will work best for your lifestyle. Testosterone administration can be weekly injections or when using pellets roughly every 3-4 months.

So make an appointment at Thrive Health Solutions now. Before your sex drive (and everything else along with it) drives off a cliff.

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