Thrive VIP Membership

Thrive VIP Membership

Have You Heard About Our New VIP Medical Membership Program?

The Thrive VIP Membership program is designed to give you a way to accumulate funds towards your future treatments, as well as offer you a variety of fabulous monthly perks at very affordable prices.

Membership Perks

  • 100% of the accumulated Members Monthly Membership Fee is usable at any time towards any Thrive Medical Treatment(s)
  • Accumulated Membership Funds Never Expire
  • Receive One (1) FREE – Five (5) LipoExtreme package annually ($175 value)
  • Receive a Complimentary Bonus Gift every 3 Months ($99 value each)
  • One (1) Free Annual BIA-Body Composition Test/Consultation ($99 value)
  • Exclusive Member Sales & Events

VIP Discounts

  • 10% OFF Thrive HCG Medical Weight Loss Programs*
  • 10% OFF Custom Compounded Lipotropic Shot Formulations (LipoLean/LipoExtreme)*
  • 10% OFF Hormone Replacement services (BHRT Pellets and Testosterone Shots)*
  • 10% OFF Sermorelin/Anti-aging Treatments*
  • 10% OFF All Retail Purchases*
  • 10% OFF Botox/Dysport

*Discounts are applied to the full price of treatment. If there is a current Thrive promotion being offered at time of service, the member will receive whichever of the two discounts is greater.


Thrive VIP Membership Tiers:

  • VIP Silver Membership
  • VIP Gold Membership
  • VIP Platinum Membership
  • VIP Black Membership

Financial Obligations and Terms of Agreement:

  • Thrive Health Solutions Membership is required for minimum of 12 months (365 days) from the date of enrollment with initial payment. One Hundred Percent (100%) of accumulated Membership Funds are usable at any time towards Thrive Treatments and Never Expire. All membership fees are non-refundable.
  • Monthly membership fees are payable by credit/debit card or cash in-clinic (if paid prior to due date) only. Members must supply Thrive with a credit/debit card to place on file for automatic payments. Monthly membership will be charged to the credit/debit card on file on the 5th of every month. Should a monthly credit/debit card payment be declined, member will be notified and asked to supply an alternate credit/debit card for payment. All benefits will be terminated until the account is brought back in to good standing. After the account is delinquent for more than 30 days, members will lose their membership and any accumulated funds.
  • Cancellation of membership prior to 1 full year of enrollment (365 days) will negate all discounts received. The member will be responsible for the full price of services received within the enrollment period, and payment is due immediately.
  • Benefits are non-transferable and available to the enrolled Thrive Health and Wellness Member only. Benefits cannot be extended or transferred to anyone else, including family and household members.
  • In the event that the Member moves outside of a 100 mile radius of Thrive, ongoing membership may be cancelled with written notice. Request for cancellation must be submitted via signed letter to Thrive Health Solutions and must include proof of new address.
  • Members will adhere to all Thrive Health and Wellness facility rules, regulations and standards of conduct.
  • Thrive Health and Wellness reserves the right to change fees, rules and regulation as well as terminate membership at its sole discretion.
  • Discounts not valid on: Medical Supplies/Equipment, Gift Certificates, insurance reimbursable services, discontinued items, prescriptions (including phentermine), special orders, or items purchased as part of Thrive’s charitable giving.
Why choose Thrive Colorado
Reasons to Choose Us

Why Choose Thrive

  • The Thrive Difference

    Our Team is dedicated to providing our patients with safe and highly effective treatments. We ONLY use the highest potency medications and cutting edge treatments available. We guarantee the potency and efficacy of our medications and at competitive prices. Why compromise your health, safety and results elsewhere… Choose Thrive Health Solutions, you’ll see and feel the difference!

  • The Thrive Advantage

    Modern and highly effective… Our cutting edge research and technology along with the most cutting edge highest potency medications and procedures = the best possible results in all treatments.

  • The Thrive Experience

    18+ years of experience in medical weight loss, hormone balancing, anti-aging and aesthetics with top specialists, knowledgable and professional staff ensures the highest degree of success and the maximum results! We only offer the best quality medications, service and standards! We stand behind what we offer and what we do. We guarantee potency, efficacy and service, all at competitive pricing…Choose Thrive Health Solutions!


Quality Medications: Thrive Health Solution’s Pricing: Cost and the best quality of care are the most important considerations when choosing a clinic, whether is be for weight loss, hormone therapy, immune support, anti-aging or aesthetics. At Thrive Health Solutions, we have real answers, over 18 years of experience and the most cutting edge and effective treatments at competitive prices. When it comes to your health, don’t take chances or cut corners. Every element of our treatments are doctor developed and supervised, medically sound and safe. With tens of thousands of happy patients, we know you will also be satisfied with your results and our services.

Our Products: Get the highest-quality, highest potency products that you should expect and can trust. Thrive Health Solutions only offers custom compounded top quality/potency pharmaceutical products (unlike many cut-rate clinics, we never over-diluted or use inferior “off the shelf” medications). To ensure the best possible treatment results and outcomes, we research and create proprietary custom compounded medications through 503-A/503-B FDA pharmacies within the United States (Not China, Mexico, Canada or other non-FDA outlets where safety, quality, potency and efficacy are a concern). Even though we guarantee the highest quality, potency, efficacy and safety of all our medications, Thrive Health Solution’s products are competitively priced, so why compromise your health and safety…discover the difference that we stand behind and can make in your life.

Quality Medicaion

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