HCG Medical Weight Loss Shots

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If you have been into lots of exercising and dieting for weight loss and you have not been seeing any results HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Injections could just be the ideal option for you. A client that is dedicated and consistent with the Thrive HCG program can be able to lose 1 to 2 pounds in a day.

SHIPPING: HCG requires overnight, refrigerated shipping, therefore there is a $20 shipping charge for HCG purchases.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are a new client with Thrive Health Solutions, an in-clinic exam is required ($150), please add as an add-on when you check out. Exams are required every twelve months to renew prescriptions, prior to the shipping or pick-up of any products. Recheck exams are $99. If you are unable to attend an in-clinic exam, please call or text us at (303) 790-8446 and we’ll determine if a Telehealth call is appropriate.

SORRY: ThrivePay is not available on this product. If you choose ThrivePay in payment options, your order will not be reserved and we will notify you that you will have to repurchase with another payment option.

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