Why Do I Need Sermorelin Therapy

Why Do I Need Sermorelin Therapy

Normal hGH levels will decrease over time with aging. Sermorelin therapy is a an effective treatment in stimulating your pituitary to produce your own natural hGH to bring your levels to healthy levels or to the levels that they were when you were younger. Not everyone needs a Sermorelin hGH Therapy but if you are determined to have low GH levels, you may benefit from the process immensely.

Some of the benefits that can be expected from a GH-based therapy such as Sermorelin within around 4-6 months:

• Reduction of body fat around the stomach
• Increased lean muscle mass
• Increased energy
• Increased immune function
• Enhanced sexual performance
• Increased cardiac output
• Improved skin elasticity
• Disappearance of wrinkles
• Reduction in the appearance of cellulite
• Improved vision
• Increased memory retention
• Improved sleep quality
• Increased exercise performance
• Expedited wound healing
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduced cholesterol levels
• Increased bone mass and rigidity

To qualify for a Sermorelin IGF-1/GH-stimulating treatment program at Thrive® you must have reduced circulating GH levels. This is usually caused by natural aging or deficient endogenous GH production. This may also be the result of an injury, a tumor, the therapies used to treat a tumor, a genetic predisposition, or a condition that began at birth.

Younger patients that have completed the required blood tests and find that their IGF-1 (representative of their GH levels) levels are lower than normal for a person of their age may be interested in starting a Sermorelin protocol in an effort to stimulate their pituitary gland and activate natural GH production. We recommend that patients, because of consideration for the overall, long-term health of the pituitary gland and the patient as a whole, utilize a Sermorelin treatment over hGH replacement. The aim should be to help your own body produce healthy levels of GH for as long as possible.

In addition to the decreased risks associated with a Sermorelin therapy, a physician-supervised and orchestrated Sermorelin protocol can be significantly more cost-effective than an hGH program (⅓ to ½ less) while still producing comparable results for patients with a well-functioning pituitary gland.

Contact us at Thrive Health and Wellness and allow us to process an IGF-1 test for you to determine if you are suffering from a low GH production, which could ultimately manifest as age-related illnesses and physical manifestations. If you are not quite feeling right lately, you owe it to yourself to at least test your hormone levels. You owe it to yourself to explore the possibility to regain a quality of life you may have thought wouldn’t be possible.

What Should I Expect from Sermorelin Injection Therapy?

Sermorelin Injection IS an IGF-1 stimulating natural hGH-based therapy. Therefore, participating in Sermorelin therapy leads to the same exact results that a patient would experience on hGH therapy. The aim is to elevate GH levels, which in turn raises IGF-1 levels. The only difference between the two therapies is how GH levels are increased. An hGH therapy involves the direct administration of synthetic hGH, whereas Sermorelin Injection stimulates the production of your own endogenous GH.

This makes Sermorelin Injection much safer to take because it is stimulating the production of your own, natural hormone production, which ensures that the pituitary gland receives regular stimulation. Conversely, a synthetic hGH therapy can lead to pituitary atrophy if it is improperly administered and interferes with normal GH production. Furthermore, because sermorelin stimulates normal pulsatile GH release patterns, it enters the blood stream naturally to help promote better results while reducing the potential for side effects.

Overall, the use of Sermorelin Injection usually improves sleep within the first few weeks of therapy. This is usually concurrent with increased energy levels and improved mood. After 3–6 months of therapy, patients start reporting noticeable or significant changes in their body composition, such as an increased muscle tone and a leaner physique. Over time, patients will also notice a significant improvement in the health and tone of their skin. Like most peptide hormones, the full effects of sermorelin therapy are not fully noticed until 3–6 months of therapy. Once injected, both sermorelin and GHRPs are eliminated very rapidly from the body; therefore, they need to be injected frequently. The actions of sermorelin are dependent on a series of biological processes that result in and are caused by elevated and sustained concentrations of hGH and growth factors.

Here is what you can expect during a 6 months Sermorelin therapy:

Month one:

• Increased energy
• Deeper, more restful sleep
• Improved stamina
• A more content state of mind

Month Two:

• Reduced belly fat
• Improved metabolism
• The return of some muscle tone
• Improved skin tone and fewer wrinkles
• Stronger hair and nails

Month Three:

• Increased mental focus
• Improved flexibility and joint health
• More feelings of drive and ambition
• Enhanced sex drive and performance

Month Four:

• Improved mental acuity
• Better skin elasticity
• Further improved appearance of the hair and nails
• Continued weight loss
• Increased lean muscle mass

Month Five:

• Continued loss of belly fat
• Improved skin tone with the reduced appearance of wrinkles
• Noticeably fuller, healthier hair

Month Six:

• A 5–10% reduction in body fat, without diet or exercise
• A 10% increase in lean muscle mass
• Significantly improved physique
• Increased vitality and organ regrowth (vital organs, including the brain, shrink with age)

Sermorelin Benefits

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