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Ipamorelin Peptide Therapy


Our age-obsessed culture is completely consumed with slowing down aging and increasing longevity, but growing old is unavoidable. The aging process doesn’t discriminate. It starts early and it affects every major organ in the body. Many people just come to accept the problems that come with aging. They push through the wrinkles, thinning hair, and brain fog, believing there’s nothing they can do about them. But there is an alternative. It’s called Ipamorelin. And it’s amazing.

Sermorelin Ipamorelin combo
What is ipamorelin?

Ipamorelin is an amino acid compound known as a Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptide or GHRP for short. Throughout our lives, growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland is responsible for developing and maintaining body composition, bone density, and metabolism levels. As we grow older, our bodies produce less and less growth hormone, which results in the process we call aging.

Ipamorelin works in two ways. First, it increases the natural GH releasing hormone which eventually leads to high levels of growth hormone secretion. Secondly, Ipamorelin suppresses the somatostatin hormone that inhibits the production of growth hormones in your body. Apart from limiting the somatostatin activities in your body, Ipamorelin removes all the barriers blocking the natural production of the growth hormone, therefore improving the growth hormone production rate. The greater your growth hormone production, the younger you’ll both look and feel. And because the increase in growth hormone is natural, Ipamorelin is a much safer, more effective treatment to slow the many negative effects of the aging process than synthetic HGH therapy.

Ipamorelin FAQs

Does Ipamorelin make you hungry?

No. Ipamorelin does not increase ghrelin levels and therefore will not make you hungry. While some growth hormone peptides increase the production of the enzyme ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, but Ipamorelin does not.

Does Ipamorelin cause weight gain?

No. Compared to GHRP-6 and GHRP-2, Ipamorelin does not raise negative hormones such as cortisol (responsible for stress and muscle loss), prolactin (responsible for sexual side effects and water retention) or ghrelin (responsible for hunger. It is used for those looking to gain muscle, lose fat and provide anti-aging benefits.

What's the difference between Sermorelin and Ipamorelin?
Like sermorelin, ipamorelin helps stimulate natural growth hormone production. Ipamorelin is unique because it also stimulates the production of IGF-1 in the liver independent of GH levels. This means that ipamorelin has the ability to more potently stimulate systems related to growth and repair throughout the body.

Peptides are completely legal to use off-label for use under a doctor or healthcare provider’s supervision, which is why they are only available via prescription. Because they trigger hormone release and have desirable, performance-enhancing effects, they are banned for use in competitive sport by many agencies, sports, and countries. That does not, however, affect their legal status for use for anti-aging or other beneficial purposes, and simply means that competitive athletes cannot take them while part of a competitive sport.

What are the benefits of Ipamorelin?

We’ve outlined many of the benefits of Ipamorelin above, but to recap, these include decreased body fat, improved lean muscle mass, higher energy levels, better metabolic rate, improved cellular repair/regeneration, and immune health, boosted bone mineral content, and better sleep, among others.

When should you take Ipamorelin?

Generally, Ipamorelin taken on its own, or combined with CJC-1295 or Sermorelin, should be taken in the evening, ideally right before bed, and on an empty stomach. This helps maximize its efficacy and follows the natural cycles of your body’s growth hormone production. Most providers recommend taking Ipamorelin injections every day, or on a 5/7 cycles (meaning 5 out of 7 days a week). Always follow the prescribing information or recommendations of your doctor for dosage amount, frequency, and time.

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Benefits of Ipamorelin Peptide Therapy:

As the body begins to build up its growth hormone production during this treatment, it is common to experience many of these benefits:



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