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growth hormone how it affects your age

You are conceived and so starts the growth hormone process. The growth hormone fuels childhood growth and helps maintain tissues and organs throughout life.


Also known as physiological or functional age, biological age takes into consideration a number of factors other than the day your mother happily albeit painfully popped you out. The basic idea behind biological aging is that aging occurs as you gradually accumulate damage to important cells and tissue in your body. Your biological age reflects a combination of your genetics, demographics, chronic conditions, exposure to environmental and other toxins, and well, just how you live. You can eat less, eat better, exercise more, sleep more, drink less, stress less and absolutely positively stop smoking. All of which will go a long way in helping keep your biological age from racing ahead.


So how do you put a number on your real age? It’s something even an Einstein couldn’t pin down. But as with literally everything in life now…”internet to the rescue!”  Longevity Score Calculators of all types claim they can button it down. “Measure Your Biological Age In 2 Minutes By Answering This Fun And Simple Quiz. Let’s Go!!” And boy, do you go. You simply have to answer page after page of questions, from how many glasses of water you drink and whether you eat breakfast, to how many push-ups you can do and how many friends you can rely on. Even as crazy as “do you grunt and/or sigh while standing up, sitting down, or bending over?” You finish the test. You hit the magic, “Here’s Your Number” button and voila!

Well done. You’ve knocked 16 years off your age.” Really?


Another important element that figures into how your body ages is whether or not your hormones are in balance. (And good chance they’re not). Because as you age, your body just naturally produces fewer hormones. Hormones directly related to biological aging. Like your growth hormone which (spoiler alert) begins to decline after age 30. Less growth hormone, more bad stuff like lower muscle mass and lower bone density. Yes, you guys, too. As many as 2 million American men already have osteoporosis. Wait, wait…it gets better…or worse, actually. Lower growth hormone can also lead to higher risk of heart disease and diabetes. And then there’s testosterone. Less testosterone doesn’t equate to just less sex. It can lead to everything from hair loss to depression. But don’t get depressed yet.

SET YOUR CLOCK BACK We’ll get right to it. The medical professionals at Thrive Health Solutions can help get those declining hormones humming again. One of the many things Thrive specializes in are anti-aging treatments. That Growth Hormone we were talking about? There is a hormone (you probably wouldn’t have heard about it) called Sermorelin (often called the new “Fountain of Youth) that can factor in to enhancing the growth of declining growth hormone levels. And that declining testosterone? Testosterone replacement therapy in the form of shots or pellets can be done together with Sermorelin to increase energy, strength and so much more. Like that “more” word, right? The expertise of anti-aging treatments at Thrive Health Solutions is unmatched. And the results, often unbelievable. So, call Thrive for an appointment now. Clock is ticking!

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