Initial Appointment

Initial Appointment

What To Expect At Your Initial Appointment

  • A Comprehensive Consultation

    You will spend time with one of our certified counselors to customize the program to meet your individual needs and lifestyle as well as an overview of the program protocols.

  • Body Composition Analysis

    Informing you of your:

    • Body Fat Percentage
    • Lean Mass Percentage
    • Body Mass Index
    • Cellular Health and Hydration
    • Height, Weight, and Body Measurements will be taken
  • Exam

    Prescription patients will see the Doctor for an exam and receive hormone and/or lipotropic injection boosters and education.

  • After the Appointment

    After your appointment you’ll receive:

    • A Thrive Participant Manual/Workbook with in depth information of your program and forms for tracking your progress
    • Medications and supplies
    • A Thrive Nutritional/Diet Meal Plan/Cookbook
    • All relevant supplies
    • Scheduled Follow-Up Appointment

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