Natural Hormone Replacement Pellets For Women

Millions of women in the United States are suffering from hormone imbalance, whether it is early menopause, perimenopause symptoms, perimenopause weight gain, adrenal fatigue, menopause, or premenstrual symptoms (PMS). In many cases, BHRT is the effective solution.  The signs of menopause and related hormonal issues include:

* Weight/Fat gain/ Bloating   * Difficulty Concentrating *  Can’t Sleep (Insomnia)   *Depressed or Unhappy   * Anxious   Headaches   *Moodiness/Emotional Swings   *Painful or Swollen Breasts   * PMS   *Night Sweats   *Difficulty Remembering Things   *Brain Fog/ Burned out Feeling   * Hot Flashes   * Vaginal Dryness   * Dry Hair/Skin    * Incontinence   * Frequent Urinary Tract Infections   * Inability to Reach Orgasm         * Painful Intercourse   * Lack of Sexual Desire   * Fatigue/Loss of Energy

Female Hormones

Hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping and weight gain are the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance as a woman ages. Perimenopause weight gain is often times misdiagnosed and is one of the first signs of hormonal imbalance. These signs of menopause or early menopause and related conditions are also connected to your stress levels, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and the environmental toxins your body is exposed to on a daily basis.

Thrive Health and Wellness, LLC physicians use only bioidentical hormones, which are identical to the body’s natural chemistry. We provide natural female hormone replacement treatment plans that support women suffering the symptoms of perimenopause, menopause whether due to age or a hysterectomy, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid disorders by using bioidentical hormone therapy to live the best life possible.

Hormonal imbalances are the root of many chronic health problems and can increase your risk of serious disease. In women, the symptoms often first appear in perimenopause or menopause, when estrogen, progesterone and testosterone production begins to diminish.

The good news is that hormone losses and imbalances are correctible. Through the use of bioidentical hormones, women can not only be relieved of the symptoms, but also effectively protect themselves against osteoporosis and heart disease. And through supervised treatment, natural hormone replacement therapy can make women feel healthier, and younger than they have in years.


How the Thrive® BHRT Pellet program works:


Patient Consultation

We begin by talking with you. And listening. You’ll have questions and so will we. From there, we help you make an informed decision so together, we can map out your best course of action.  For more info see:  Click HERE for FAQs


New Patient Form

Filling out our New Client Form is the next step. It takes just a couple of minutes, and helps us to set up your Renew Youth account. Then we’ll ask you to complete a brief Health History.   CLICK HERE FOR FAQS   CLICK HERE FOR WOMENS NEW PATIENT FORMS


Lab Work + Review of Results

Once your new patient paperwork is complete, we’ll schedule into the clinic to draw blood and complete your lab work. Once receive your lab work, we’ll review your results and call you to schedule you in for review and plan formulation.   CLICK HERE FOR FAQS


Visit with a Thrive Doctor

Once  we have received and  reviewed your lab results, we’ll call you to schedule an appointment for you with one of our doctors. We’ll address your results, answer all your questions.   CLICK HERE FOR FAQS


Your BHRT Pellet Program is Built

In the Doctor consultation appointmnet, your Thrive Health and Wellness treatment plan takes shape. Your program will be custom-tailored to fit your unique needs, and your lifestyle.   CLICK HERE FOR FAQS


In Clinic Pellet Insertion – Treatment Begins

Medications will be ordered based on your custom treatment plan. You will be scheduled in to the Thrive® clinic for a 15-20 minute Pellet Insertion Procedure. We will perform the procedure, discuss the therapy plan and suggest any additional supplements and/or injections to allow for a healthier lifestyle and the best quality of life. CLICK HERE FOR FAQS


You Begin Seeing Results

This is where you get back to being you. But it doesn’t end here. Your treatment plan will include routine monitoring, and regular follow-up (typically 3-4 months for Women/5-6 month for Men). We’ll be with you every step of the way. Anytime you need us, we’re just a phone call away.   CLICK HERE FOR FAQS

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