Sermorelin GHRP 2/6 Peptide Therapy

Sermorelin GHRP 2/6 Peptide Therapy

Anti-Aging Peptide Therapy

We’ve talked about the benefits of Sermorelin as an anti-aging therapy. We’ve explained the importance of Growth Hormone-Releasing Therapy or GHRT. So now we’re going to anti-aging peptide therapy using growth hormone-releasing peptides or GHRP. GHRPs are a family of synthetic peptides that stimulate HGH secretion. One of the major roles of many peptides is to function as peptide hormones, which carry signals between cells and glands. These hormones regulate critical physiological processes, including blood sugar, sleep, growth, and much more.

GHRP2 and GHRP6 are both Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptides which are a small, but extremely potent family of peptides. In terms of anti-aging peptide therapy, both GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 bring great benefits to a Sermorelin protocol. Working synergistically with Sermorelin they boost hypothalamic function, thereby stimulating the pituitary gland to increase production of the body’s own HGH and to robustly increase IGF-1 levels. IGF-1 stands for insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 is similar in structure to insulin which is a hormone made in the pancreas. Actually, IGF-1 is a protein found made by the body whose main job is to regulate the effects of HGH in your body. Growth hormone is made in the pituitary gland, then released into the bloodstream to stimulate the liver to produce IGF-1. IGF-1 is crucial for cell health throughout life. It helps promote normal bone and tissue growth and development. Like insulin, it helps regulate blood sugar, but it also keeps our organs healthy.

At Thrive Health Solutions, our use of GHRP2 and GHRP6 compounded into Sermorelin mixtures is yet another option in all the ways we can safely and effectively help fight the aging process and prolong life. Come talk to us about our peptide therapy. Because the fact is, growing old isn’t always graceful.

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